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Drive, talent and passion!

This is what we are driven by when working for our customers.

Our Services

ITM specialists are ready to offer a wide range of services, which includes web development, marketing, branding and much more.


Adaptive websites and web applications are just the tip of the iceberg. We can put any of your ideas into reality.

  • Web Design

    You have your own business or you are just thinking of opening one?

    Then you definitely cannot do without a functional website. Our team of professional web designers will find the best way to present your product.

    Web design services:

    • website design and creation;
    • interface structure and design;
    • page layout;
    • logos and banners;
    • 3D illustrations.
  • Programming

    If you need the help of programmers who know their field, then once again, you are at the right place!

    Our experts will create you a website that you will be proud of and your customers will admire. Here you can order the following programming services:

    • development of individual software;
    • development of mobile applications;
    • software for business automation;
    • software for daily use.
  • Hosting and administration

    You don’t know where to set up your website and e-mail?

    Contact us, and we will offer you the most suitable and reliable hosting, and our system administrators will customize everything to your needs:

    • website and e-mail hosting;
    • virtual servers (VPS);
    • dedicated servers (VDS);
    • configuration and administration of servers;
    • technical support.


Everything - from brand strategy to multi-channel and multi-platform information campaigns! We will create your success story.

  • Internet Branding and Rebranding

    We will renew the image of your company!

    The ITM team employs experienced brand developers who will be happy to create a unique corporal image for your company. Competent branding contributes to the effective promotion of your product and makes it much more attractive to the consumer. Below, only a part of our branding services are listed:

    • creation of a unique brand and corporate style for your company;
    • logo design;
    • creation of your own trademarks;
    • naming;
    • positioning in the market;
    • marketing research;
    • rebranding.
  • Information Campaigns

    You won’t make it without PR!

    With the help of information campaigns, you can deliver necessary information to the consumer and potential customer in the shortest time possible. Our copywriters will compose the texts, the designers will create graphic elements, and the developers will put it all together and prepare for the general public.

    Our PR services:

    • creation of information campaigns;
    • preparation of news and marketing materials;
    • copywriting;
    • design of graphic elements;
    • composition of electronic materials;
    • communication with the media.
  • Copywriting

    You need a unique description of your products and services - our sharp-penned copywriters will take care of this!

    ITM copywriters will create such a description of your product that you want to buy it yourself.

    Our text services:

    • copywriting;
    • rewrite;
    • selling SEO copywriting.


With our advertising campaigns, you will leave the competitors with no chance. We develop the best marketing solutions, by using the latest technologies.

  • Marketing Strategy

    You need sales - we are ready to organize them!

    We will develop the most suitable strategy for you, taking into account the services offered by you and the specifics of the market.

    Our marketing services:

    • market research and analysis;
    • research and analysis of consumers in the area of interest;
    • development of new goods and services;
    • development of pricing policy;
    • strategy formation.
  • Internet Advertising

    You want your products and services to be noticed - entrust this difficult business to ITM marketing specialists!

    Our advertising is seen by everyone.

    Internet advertising services:

    • creation of advertising banners;
    • advertising on the RTB platform;
    • online audio advertising;
    • product placement in online games;
    • design of business cards and booklets;
    • creation of email-newsletters.
  • SEO

    We know the secret of a successful website!

    Cooperation with ITM will give you the key to the record attendance of your page. We will make your site a favourite of search engines.

    Our SEO services:

    • SEO site audit;
    • SEO-consulting;
    • Web analytics;
    • development of a personal SEO strategy;
    • complete site optimization package.


In combination of the work of IT professionals and the marketing team, we deliver the best results in e-commerce.

  • Online Store

    Your online store will sell products and services by itself!

    Using the latest developments in e-commerce, our specialists will create you a new online store or improve the existing one.

    Our services:

    • online store design;
    • filling with goods;
    • creation of a unique content;
    • branding of the store;
    • marketing strategy;
    • SEO.
  • Safe Trading Environment

    You will have no reason to worry about the security of your data and money!

    Our specialists have vast experience in working with security on both small and large online projects, therefore, by entrusting your brainchild to ITM, you can forget about security problems forever.

    Our security services:

    • Firewall adjustment;
    • installation of additional protection components;
    • protection against DdoS-attacks;
    • installation of the SSL certificate and configuration of the server.
  • Electronic Data Exchange

    We will organize your data exchange!

    Besides taking care of customers and sales, do not forget about the data that are moving in your network and allow you to run your business.

    ITM offers the following data exchange services:

    • setup and protection of e-mail;
    • protection of Internet connection;
    • designing Intranet structure;
    • installation of software for the protection of working computers.

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